Righteous Data Posts of the (past) Week

Ok, the Data Just Right blogging team has been a bit busy, and these posts are all a bit old. But… I am guessing that you are just now coming out of the daze that was the start of 2014. In any case, welcome to the first edition of “Righteous Data” – where we at Data Just Right share our favorite data-related posts of the week!

Big Data Shrinks to Grow: A core concept in Data Just Right is that the scope of the problem defines the technology needed for the solution. In his first post of 2014, Quentin Hardy of the NYTimes discusses how so-called “Big Data”  companies are regrouping around specific industries, putting the problem before the solution.

A new Online X course called “Tackling the Challenges of Big Data” offered at some place called “MIT,” have you heard of it? I love how the sample Certificate of Completion image is made out to “John Q Professional.”

Oh no! A post referring to another infernal Gartner “Big Data” hype-fest by Svetlana Sicular! Still, this fluffy Read Write Web article makes the completely obvious claim that “Big Data Myths [will] Give Way To Reality In 2014

Interoperability: Using R with Cloudera Impala
A worthy combination of two tools that excel in their respective domains

Machine Learning: How does it work?
A Reddit “Explain Like I’m Five” thread about Machine Learning

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